our selection of hybrid and electric cars for rental

Hire a premium hybrid car and have it delivered to your hotel, home, office, or almost anywhere else in South of France.
Movo is the best way to rent a nice Hybrid or electric car to drive and have it delivered right to you ! Once you're done with your rental, our agent will come to conveniently pick it up from you.

Mercedes-Benz - EQC
Model 3
Tesla - Model 3
Golf Hybrid
Volkswagen - Golf Hybrid
Mini - Electric
500 C Hybrid
Fiat - 500 C Hybrid
Evoque Hybrid
Range Rover - Evoque Hybrid
e-tron Sportback
Audi - e-tron Sportback
A3 Sportback Hybrid
Audi - A3 Sportback Hybrid
Mokka E
Opel - Mokka E

this is how it works!


Say goodbye to long queues and stressful paperwork.

Only few seconds to select dates and places of pick-up and return, and choose your car

Add your driver's license and ID within few taps on your smartphone

We deliver your car to you!
Fully equipped Premium Hybrid plugin and Electric vehicles!

Get the car model you’ve booked!
Our delivery team will answer all your questions and explain to you how to use the vehicle

On-board services: Get free Wi-Fi, the drink of your choice and much more…

Change your rental duration within a few taps and chat with our team at any time

Add your driver's license and ID within few taps on your smartphone

cities where we offer our car rental services

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